Antiwrinkle Injections

What are antiwrinkle injections?

Antiwrinkle injections are made of a purified form of the botulinum toxin type A. The antiwrinkle injection works by blocking the nerve signals for movement in the muscle where it is injected. When this nerve signal is interrupted the affected muscle becomes temporally paralysed or frozen. Naturally the body will eventually produce new nerve signals to the muscle to help with movement, this is when people notice the antiwrinkle injection effects wearing off and their muscle movement starts to return.

What are antiwrinkle injections used for?

Antiwrinkle injections are a great way of reducing the appearance of static and dynamic lines on the face. These lines are most commonly noticed on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes.

What are static and dynamic lines?

Static lines are those that are visible when your face is at rest and the facial muscles are relaxed. A dynamic line is one that becomes visible when you are moving your facial muscles, smiling/frowning/raising your eyebrows and so on.

These lines can become apparent at any age, and more so with age, as a result of using the facial muscles for a longer period of time. Dynamic lines are a lot easier to treat.

What will happen if I have either dynamic or static lines?

Over time dynamic lines created by the muscles can cause wrinkling of the skin, which leads to static lines. These static lines tend to be more permanent and are harder to reduce the appearance of completely.

It is best to start antiwrinkle injections before static lines start to form. Prevention of these lines in this case is more effective than treatment later.

If I have static lines can I still have antiwrinkle injections?

Yes you can. In some cases antiwrinkle injections can work well in reducing the appearances of these lines significantly. We will be able to advise you better of your expected results on your initial consultation.

Why use an antiwrinkle injection for these lines?

The absence of static lines on the face is associated with fresher looking skin. It is also easier for application of makeup, and prevents makeup creasing and smudging within the lines.

What does the treatment involve?

The doctor will carefully assess the lines you are concerned about. They will then closely map out suitable injection points in the area. After which they make a series of small injections into the muscles.

What will I feel?

Antiwrinkle injections generally have minimal pain associated with their administration. You may feel some discomfort on injection and soreness at the injection site immediately after treatment. This tends to settle quite quickly post treatment. Individual experiences are very largely dependent on their personal thresholds.

Are antiwrinkle injections safe?

All side effects, risks and complications will be discussed with you at the consultation and before any treatment is agreed. The main side effects of antiwrinkle injections can include some of the following; Bruising, swelling at injection sites, redness at injection sites, tenderness, asymmetry of expression, drooping of the brow/eyelid, headache/heaviness around the forehead. These side effects are expected to be temporary and the doctor will advise you accordingly on how to manage them if they were to occur.

If you have any further questions about antiwrinkle injections please book in for a consultation.

How long will the antiwrinkle injection last for?

The time the antiwrinkle injection lasts for is varied among different individuals. Results tend to last for 3-6 months. However movement can begin to recover from 8 weeks and sometimes earlier in some individuals.

How long will it take for the antiwrinkle injection to work?

It can take up to 2 weeks for the antiwrinkle injection to work and see the full results of the treatment.